How to care for your Silk

Caring for your silk garments is much easier than you think and we can assure you that there is no need for you to take your silk to the dry cleaners. 

When it comes to delicate fabrics like silk, it’s best to hand wash in cool water and leave to hang dry in the shade. It’s simple and more affordable than dry cleaning, plus it uses less water than traditional washing methods. Silk Laundry Creative Director, Katie Rackley often boasts about the ease of washing her silk garments - she even takes them in with her when she showers. 

We recommend using a small portion of natural liquid soap diluted in cool water. It is important not to let the fabric soak for more than thirty minutes. Washing your garments in hot water can break the fibers of your clothes dow. Whereas cool water is delicate on the fabric and can also help save energy and elongate the life cycle of your garment. 
By washing your silk 
pieces in cool water it helps to nourish the fabric and brings the silk back to life, it can also help in eliminating static.

However, if you’re a stickler for the rules you can alternatively wash your silk garments by placing in a mesh bag and putting them on a delicate cycle with cold water in your washing machine - this prevents snagging or tangling during the washing cycle.

To dry your silk, simply hang in a shaded area or lay flat to ensure its natural shape. The best part about our Silk Slips is that you don’t even need to iron them as possible creases tend to fall when hung.

Steaming your silk pieces helps to minimize creases and gives the fabric the moisture it needs. If you do not have access to a steamer, you can hang your piece in the bathroom while you shower, or run your garment above the steam of a freshly boiled kettle of water.

Please keep in mind that silks are a delicate fabric that are hand-dyed. They are designed with the intent that they will fade over time.

If cared for properly, quality silk can become better with age. We are inspired by timeless designs and encourage you to keep your pieces for many years to come.